Who is asher roth dating

29-May-2018 21:53

We still perform that to this day because it was so real.

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It sounds and it feels like 'Retro Hash.'”"Retro Hash" offers the chance for Roth to step away from “I Love College” and allow fans to see more of him.His band will play "Retro Hash" live, in its entirety, at performances in Philadelphia, Boston and New York.He says the idea came to him after taking in several listening sessions.“From that experience I was like, ‘You know what would be really dope is if we played the album live for the first time,’” Roth says.And it turned out to be a kind of a funky, classic rock, disco-era record -- I think that's a lot of fun..fits perfectly with what we're doing with 'Retro Hash,' which is a progressive, fresh record with a lot of ode to our influences in music: classic rock, jazz, Blues and hip-hop." On being a "white kid in hip-hop": "Music is almost becoming genreless. So it's always tough for white kids to come in and be a part of hip-hop and contribute to the culture.

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You're seeing a lot of people collaborate whether it be rock or jazz. It takes some warming up to and I completely understand that.

"On this album, you won't find compromises at all," the Philadelphia native told CBS News. It's allowed me to grow up without having the pressures and expectations of other people.